Playing with Zenith, a new tangle by Rick and Maria… and some spoilers!

. the 5tudio

Hello again, September…

On a very random note, I am SO glad that September is here. I must admit that I don’t function too well in the hottest months of the year, and I struggle daily, just to remain positive and calm! And of course, I tangle… Here are some snippets…

[As always, clicking on the images will take you to Flickr]

Playing with watercolour.. Playing with watercolour pencils.. Orange and Purple..

Playing with watercolour.. Playing with watercolour pencils again – this time in honeyed hues… Methinks it needs more contrast..

Random tangles.. ATC in autumnal hues.. turned out unexpectedly well 🙂

Spoiler tiles ;) Spoiler – these are for upcoming class! I always test my tiles to make sure I achieve the teaching points I set out to make 🙂

Work in Progress :) A work in progress Celtic cross. This is my inaugural Opus tile…………… is taking me way longer to finish than I thought! I am using 01s and 005s for this piece, to…

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