Read on about Debbie New CZT’s ‘Angeleafe’, a nature-inspired tangle that is based on many repetitive “S” strokes.

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Somewhere in January this year, I am not really sure when [ ..chalk the bad memory up to age or this really bad flu I can’t seem to rid myself of! In fact, January has been one big haze, as I spent a lot of it in bed. ], I started drawing repetitive “S” strokes whilst at various talks and functions. At some point, these started evolving into a leaf of sorts, and when they got addictive to draw, I decided to share them with my CZT chum Stephanie Jennifer over at Everything is Art.

This is my third tangle, and a very different feel, compared to Cadenza andCabbit.

Here are some photos of how I’ve incorporated this new tangle in my tiles. [ Clicking on the images will take you to Flickr. ]

Angeleafe - a new tangle Angeleafe cluster, or as a border..

Travelling Tangles Project Individual Angeleafies!

I’ve even used it on…

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