Zentangles – Diva Challenge 282 & New Tangle ‘DreamDex’

Read on about Debbie New CZT’s DreamDex, a triangular-grid based tangle… that resembles a pinwheel!

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Diva Challenge 282

I have to admit that it was kind of hard to get to this one, as my mind was in a constant state of flux all week. I just couldn’t concentrate or relax and my anxiety levels were quite high. I might try out again, when my mental state improves. Meanwhile, here are some of my older pieces, featuring dripped and splattered on paint…

SezThis is one of my display pieces at 101 classes – I use it to show what the tangle enhancer “Aura” is all about…

FengleFengle on watercolour splatter…..

New Tangle – DreamDex

This is my fifth tangle after Dealys, Angeleafe, Cadenza and Cabbit.

When I first put up two images of (what would later be known as) DreamDex onto my FB page, one of my BFFs in North Carolina, USA, informed me that this was the pattern she used very…

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