Hello October – Inktober Tangles & much more

Hello from Singapore!

I haven’t said hello in awhile, so Hello hello!

This year has gone by at light speed, hasn’t it? Suddenly it’s October.

I know I have not been blogging for ages now – things have been so crazy busy but I have decided to try to make time to post more often on my website and blog. Thank you for checking in – I am grateful.

Singapore CZT Masterclass

This year I had the opportunity to organise the SG CZT Masterclass. It is our second year running, and my, what a blast we had!

Here are some photos from the day, as well as snippets from the magnificent CZT gallery that went on display.

Organising this class is rather the highlight of my CZT year as it stretches my planning, budgeting, organising, networking skills.

This year I also got to do a quick sharing on how to teach Whatz-its and how to fit the technique into classes of any duration.

Whatz-its at SG CZT Masterclass 2018
Whatz-its at SG CZT Masterclass 2018

Inktober Tangles

As a challenge to myself to work on more tangles, I have decided to participate in this year’s Inktober Tangles along with Stephanie Jennifer CZT and many other CZTs and  tanglers. Click here for the prompts.

Here is my first Inktober tile featuring Mooka.

Mooka vs. Finery
Mooka vs. Finery
Mooka vs. Finery
Lately my memory isn’t that fantastic so I’ve been writing more details on the back of my tiles like this, to help me remember what I used in the piece! Very handy and old school but I am very pleased to have these little reminders 🙂

Reto Mind and Tangle

In September, my classmate from CZT seminar Alicia G. Rey visited me in Singapore. I invited Stephanie along since they were already connected in Facebook and we had a fantastic time together.

Alicia, Stephanie and I ❤

One of the things Alicia introduced me to was her Spanish tangler’s group. She issues a weekly challenge or a ‘reto’ and we all have a go at it as a group. It is a Spanish group but Zentangle is our main language!!

Here are some of the ones I’ve participated in so far. You can find them on social media under the hashtag #retomindandtangle ❤

Reto #125 PKok
Reto Mind and Tangle #125 PKok
Reto #126 Chence
Reto Mind and Tangle #126 Chence
Reto #127 Bubbles
Reto Mind and Tangle #127 Bubbles
Reto #128 Seta
Reto Mind and Tangle #128 Seta

Other recent work…

Aside from being busy hosting the annual Singapore certified Zentangle teachers’ Masterclass, life has been deliciously good. I have been working very hard so in order to balance everything out, I have also been giving myself snippets of time in between everything, just to get creative.

I’ve started to journal again (I say ‘again’ because I remember doing this when I was a teenager!) in the bujo (bullet journal) style. Back then I don’t know what we called it!? Actually I don’t even think there was a proper word for it lol..

Here’s one of the pages, featuring my September highlights in a word or a tangle.

And here is another page I was working on, nearly buried under Alicia’s sketchbook lol.., which I was also tangling in nearly at the same time.

A tangler's mess <3
A tangler’s mess :p

More art ahead………..

Custom canvas featuring Zentangle art
Finally completed this piece from March!! I don’t think I will ever try this again lol…. It was intimidating and I felt really overwhelmed.
For Sheena
Sometime ago I discovered these crushed seashell nail art flakes at the local $2 shop named Daiso. Naturally, these found their way onto my tiles!! They really are heaps of fun ;3
Tints on Tan Winter edition inspired tiles
More nail art flakes – this time on tan tiles. The colour made me recall the Tints on Tan Winter edition… so… here is a little bit of Christmas, 2 months early haha!

Phew! This has been such an image intensive post! That will teach me to disappear from blogging for so long, ha! I have no one to blame lol..

Until the next post! I will leave you with a photo of my art on display at our Masterclass CZT gallery 🙂

Travelling Tangles Project goes to Masterclass

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