Read on for a little Mindfulness Exercise with Debbie… and some Swap Updates!

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Slowing Down

How fast time goes when Life is good and busy!

Often these days, Stephanie and I have to remind each other to take it easy and be mindful of all our processes.


As we connect and reconnect with each other and the loved ones around us, as we hurry from one task to another, sometimes we even find ourselves in the middle of 3-4 tasks all at once! — we forget to slow down, to breathe and to listen…. We forget the important things and we don’t necessarily hear each other.

Slowing down doesn’t come naturally to a young parent like Stephanie, as little Charlotte grows with leaps and bounds each day.

Slowing down doesn’t come naturally to me either, as I juggle my different work commitments, family, home, as well as the new Studio, all week long. Alas, if someone would only gift me a house-elf or…

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