In praise of handmade paper.. & more updates from Debbie’s desk ❤

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This post explores some of my favourite papers and two new (to me) tangles I’ve never really played with before…. and other recent updates. 

Medioevalis vs Khadi

I have been a huge fan of Fabriano’s Medioevalis range of paper since my very first pack in 2016 or so and it has remained a consistent favourite for all manner of watercolours, tints and inks. There are truly very few papers on the market here that can hold its own against the Medioevalis, even the Tiepolo (what Zentangle official tiles are made of) has no comparison. The Medioevalis has a very sturdy feel, much sturdier than the Tiepolo , (without coming across as “too stiff” like some other high-end papers) and it also has a unique softness to it, that I find lacking in other watercolour papers.

Recently my Medioevalis preference has found a strong contender in the South Indian Khadi, which…

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