Debbie talks about the need to Rest more in this post, as well as encourages all of us to cultivate mindful habits for the everyday.

7 Forests 5 Rivers


In this post I talk about the need for Rest. Can we really think ourselves into resting more?

I also feature some art pieces from my desk, as seen on Instagram.

Rest is More

We are very familiar with the concept of “Less is More” especially with recent trends such as “de-cluttering” and “sparking joy”.

We are told to throw away anything that has fulfilled its journey of usefulness with us, or if it has ceased to justify an existence with us because it no longer makes us happy looking at it.

I am not sure though, that this concept of de-cluttering applies to my own happiness.

As an artist, I typically invest in supplies and materials, and as a CZT these are vital to my profession. I am quite selective, I don’t buy everything I see, I’m not partial to temporary trends (there will always be some art brand…

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