This week, Debbie talks about Zentangle Project Pack 6 and her explorations with white chalk, charcoal and pastel for shading!

7 Forests 5 Rivers


In this post, a brief fling with Project Pack 6 techniques and I take a look at the various black paper tiles I have in my possession. I discuss my experiences with some of the different white inks and about finding the best shading tool for white on black.


Zentangle Project Pack 6 – No Mistakes

I must admit that something about Project Pack 6 caught my fancy, compared to all the previous Project Packs before.

I think it is the simplicity of the technique that provides the main draw for me. Black ink on white paper, White ink on Black. It is a very classic, yet bold approach to tangling with bold, show-stopping outcomes.

As it has been a manic few weeks, I have to say that I skipped a few Days from Project Pack 6 and only did the ones that felt personally appealing to me. I may…

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