Tangle pattern – Trippy Tripple!

7 Forests 5 Rivers

S__137486341In this post, I continue my affair with Project Pack 6 techniques, and share a new pattern – Tripple!

Project Pack 6

So in between the mad rushing around and trying to space things out (already sounds like a paradox lol, but that’s my Life at the moment..), Project Pack 6 has been a very delightful mental escape!

Our official kits finally arrived last Friday, adding to the infinite possibilities and tangling opportunities.

Though I lamented the wait, I must say that I see W&N India Ink in a whole new light from playing with it whilst waiting. In “No Mistakes” fashion, I had also dug up two white tiles that I had completed earlier and wasn’t too pleased with.

With a good splatter of W&N India Ink, they became much more intriguing as you can see.


Here is a collage of tinted tiles with shading, completed after last week’s “White…

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