Debbie’s latest tangle pattern – Whimsical Wingfrond, a backstory and step-outs.

7 Forests 5 Rivers

S__139755553In this post, I write about the latest tangle pattern that has found its way on my desk.

Like I’d mentioned to a good friend, “it snuck right out of my micron” one day!

The Winged Frond

2016 was one of the more emotionally charged years in my life, and it was around this time that I met Fern through an online community.

At this point I should mention that some of the best people in my life, I have met online, through communities and games – I believe that people we meet, online or offline, have a design and purpose in our lives, and if not for the many chance encounters in my life, I would not have been fortunate to tap into the kind of support that these people have selflessly given to me over the years. I have been very fortunate to meet many good people the…

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