In this post Debbie shows us her Hollis variation as well as a new tangle, Spud.

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7B087B49-3BA4-4D4E-A374-BA04BB5596F7 In this post, I share some of my paperie explorations and exploits, my variation of Hollis and a spunky new tangle discovery, Spud.

St. Cuthberts Mill

A little while ago, I received a lovely stash of paper samples from St. Cuthberts Mill, which generously included SCM’s Millford, Saunders Waterford and Bockingford, in various finishings and textures.

I have an addiction to paper and it was a real treat to spend a couple of hours tinting up these samples!


The SCM came in hot press, cold press and rough, and were 100% cotton with the exception of the Bockingford. That doesn’t mean the Bockingford is a less attractive paper at all, it still makes a formidable entry level paper, of a very high quality and also archival grade.

The Millford stood out as an exceptional paper that has water resistant properties. This makes it a very interesting paper when working…

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