In this post, Debbie shares snippets from her visit to Bangkok Thailand as well as new tangle Amarin.

7 Forests 5 Rivers

BKK 2020_200131_0276In this issue, I take a break from my busy routine to share some gorgeous photos from Thailand, Land of Smiles and a new tangle pattern – Amarin.

Bangkok Thailand

After a tumultuous 2019, January 2020 seems like it flew by so fast that I haven’t had time to catch my breath. I am hoping that things slow down a little, this side of my Bangkok trip.

Bangkok has long held a soft spot in my heart, with lots of budget friendly attractions and colourful crafts. I think the main draw for my husband though, would be the delicious, affordable and tantalising food.

I thought I’d leave some photos here for your viewing pleasure. A lot of these patterns are so inspiring!

Alluring Amarin

One of the first tangles I deconstructed whilst in Thailand was a tangle I spotted on a little fabric clutch, in a shop.


It looks like…

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