In this post, Debbie introduces the final instalment of her Bangkok-inspired tangle patterns, Mali.

7 Forests 5 Rivers

BKK 2020_200131_0154 Wat Arun, Bangkok Thailand

In this issue, we introduce the final instalment of our Bangkok-inspired tangle patterns, Mali.

Aruna vs. Amarin

It has been some time since I got back from Thailand, and I admit I have not really been tangling as much as I should be doing, as I was completely blindsided by the sheer volume of work waiting for me, this side of Bangkok. I guess, this is another call for me to focus on self-care and adhere to creating and maintaining a mindful balance this year.

Anyway, I finally had time to work on a tile that I had previously tinted with Tombows. This is Strathmore 500 Series, 100% cotton, thicker than my usual tiles and a very delightful paper to work on.

Clicking on the arrows in the Instagram post will lead you to some “in progress” photos of the tile.

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