About Debbie New CZT 18


About Debbie New


Debbie New is the resident certified Zentangle teacher, or CZT, at Tangled Pursuits, Singapore.

Debbie has a diploma in Law and Management from Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore, and a Bachelor of Justice, majoring in Criminology from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Debbie is a strong supporter of social and criminal justice issues. Her varied previous work experiences include working in retail, libraries, the Singapore civil service, legal pro-bono, para-legal and legal secretarial work.

In her spare time, Debbie is also a hobby photographer, blogger and crafter. She runs a website for her craft 5tudio and Hamstery.

Entirely self-taught, Debbie started making handmade accessories in 2006 for friends and family.

File_001 (21)In 2014, she started selling her pieces at artisanal markets such as Maad Pyjamas at the Red Dot Design Museum, which is on-going, and the Asian Civilisations Museum’s River Nights 2014. Where possible, she features up-cycled materials in her creations, to produce a completely unique and socially-conscious range of handmade goods.

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In July 2014, Debbie accidentally stumbled upon the Zentangle art method and is still discovering for the first time in her life, that quite like the official Zentangle slogan, “everything is possible, one stroke at a time”. She is enjoying this foray into ink and paper and her discovery of the method has helped to further alter her outlook on crafting and on life itself.

In April 2015, Debbie attended the 18th certified Zentangle teacher seminar in Rhode Island, USA, and was taught directly by the Zentangle founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. She is the fourth CZT in Singapore.

Aside from building up a professional practice advocating Zentangle, Debbie currently incorporates tangling in her personal, everyday life. In particular, she enjoys meditating on Scripture verses as she tangles. Debbie used to suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, pain and discomfort after a lengthy period of illness. Since picking up Zentangle, she has been able to manage these issues without any painkillers or medication.

As a CZT, Debbie is always interested in hearing from anyone who has an interest in Zentangle. She welcomes enquiries about classes or about the Zentangle method as a lifestyle.

In 2017, Debbie organised the first ever CZT : Artifex Eruditio masterclass event for the Singapore CZTs, on a pro bono basis as a means of giving back to the CZT community.

For the first time ever in 2020, due to the pandemic, the annual CZT : AE event moved online and open its doors to the international CZT community. The team in Singapore, Molly Hollibaugh of Zentangle Inc., as well as a group of 20 instructors and 170 participants raised a total of USD10,000.00 towards the International Red Cross Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund.

At the time of writing, in Spring 2021, the amazing CZT community has raised a further USD12,000.00 towards the UNICEF Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund, via the CZT : AE 2021 Spring Edition.

This brings our total contributions as a CZT community to the international fight against Covid to USD22,000.00.


Debbie may be contacted directly at debbie[at]7f5r.com or support[at]tangledpursuits.com . [ The above information is accurate as at May 2021. © ⌈†angled pursuits⌋ 2021 ]