Techniques Series


The Tangled Pursuits’ Techniques Series

This series may be conducted as separate, individual sessions or may be combined into a full program, depending on preference and availability. This series is only available for people who have completed the 101 class with Debbie, or with another CZT.

Please scroll down for more information on each session in the series.

Each class in the series is an approximately 4 hour, adult class and is held in a comfortable class size of 4 or to 6 participants.

Class fees includes the following:

  • drinks
  • A custom curated tool kit. All you will need to bring for this class is your ZT 101 class kit. Otherwise, we have spares that you can borrow for the class.

Techniques Series – Tangled Trinkets

At this craft technique class, you will create and take home two pieces of unique, intricate, one of a kind trinkets, featuring your very own Zentangle art. These tangled trinkets make meaningful and fascinating gifts for friends and family alike, for all seasons.

Techniques Series – “Bijou”.. “Dingbatz” & “Whatz-its”!

At this tangling technique class, you will be introduced to Zentangle Bijou tiles, experiment with Zentangle HQ’s Dingbatz technique, and Whatz-its, a refreshing and unique technique, exclusively taught by Debbie New CZT.

N.B. The above images contain a collaborative swap tile originally from fellow CZT, Kat Van Rooyen. She has very kindly permitted us to feature her tile on our website.

More topics to come in this series:

  • Tangled Gems
  • Tipple Hearts
  • Inky Intentions
  • Graysfull Ambitions
  • Black to Basics
  • TrenZending & GrayZending

If you are interested in attending a class with Debbie, please drop us an enquiry.

[ The above information is accurate as at May 2021. © ⌈†angled pursuits⌋ 2021 ]

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