Zentangle 102 Class

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The Zentangle 102 Class featuring Strings

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The Zentangle 102 Class is an intermediate class for people who have completed the 101 class with Debbie, or with another CZT.

This is a 4 hour, adult class and is held in a comfortable class size of 4 participants.

At this class, you will create and take home three  pieces of unique, intricate, one of a kind art, including supplies that will add to your tangling experience.

You will discover the concept of the Zentangle string, creative ways to incorporate strings into your aspiring Zentangle art, to achieve visually complex and spectacular outcomes.

You will also learn additional tangles, tips and tricks to help you take your Zentangle art to the next level.

Class fee includes the following:

  • drinks
  • a Zentangle white-tile tool kit featuring different size tiles and more. This kit will contain different tools from the kit supplied in ZT101 class. All you will need to bring for this class is your ZT 101 class kit. Otherwise, we have spares that you can borrow for the class.

After this class, you will be able to access the following benefits for yourself:

  • Stretching the basic techniques you already know
  • Re-visit and challenge your own creative limits
  • Discover your own unique artistic style [ if you haven’t already! ]
  • Fresh perspective and insight … & more!

If you are interested in attending a class with Debbie, please drop us an enquiry.

[ The above information is accurate as at May 2021. © ⌈†angled pursuits⌋ 2021 ]

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