Web Articles about Wellbeing and Mindfulness

Below are some very informative articles.

The next few links are articles and findings relevant to childhood trauma in relation to adult stress, coping issues and chronic disease:

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (or ACE study) on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – this very comprehensive study sets the stage for the next few articles. Essentially, their findings assess the relationship between adverse childhood experiences, health care use and causes of death.

How childhood biography shapes adult biology from – this article sheds light on some very recent scientific studies known as the Adverse Childhood Experiences study  (see above link for fuller details) which further discuss the relation between childhood stress and trauma and chronic pain, disease and coping issues we face as adults. This article highlights the need for every individual to learn how to practice mindfulness based stress reduction to regulate our responses to toxic stress.

ACE Indicator and short summary on – this is a shorter, more succinct article about the ACE study and includes a casual online quiz. A much lighter read than the first two links.

Grandma’s experiences leaves epignetic mark on your genes from Discover Magazine – this article explains how some people may be genetically pre-disposed to certain illnesses, as trauma and stress from our ancestors may be passed down the family line.

Articles on Happiness and wellness:

A Happy Brain – this article and accompanying video clip discusses inner happiness in a very simple and easy to understand way.

Long term Happiness as explained by a Harvard psychologist – this article and accompanying video explores the corelation between perception, happiness, Dopamine, mindfulness and productivity.

Articles on Crafting and wellness:

This is your brain on crafting – although this article mainly talks about knitting, there is valid discussion by psychologists about mindfulness, or ‘flow’, and how it has been observed to help our bodies release Dopamine, a natural anti-depressant.

Articles on Art and wellness:

Just what the doctor ordered – an interesting article about an Australian (NSW) programme called “Arts on Prescription”.

Web articles about Zentangle

Assessing the Correlation Between Participating in a Zentangle® Art Class and Well-Being a research paper by John Nordell 2012.

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